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Wanimated ice cream cone multiple flavourse offer between 16 and 24 flavours of our gelato (aka Italian ice cream) at a time from mid-April to November and eight to 12 from November to mid-April with the? exception of special holidays. Gelato is considered a food, not a snack, by Italians. Its nutritional value is immense and its creaminess is out of bounds, even though it uses far less cream than regular ice cream. In fact, our Italian ice cream has half the fat and half the calories of North American ice cream! Its richness reflects the traditions of kings and princes. Which is how we look at our customers.

Our gelato is made from an Italian organic base to which we add organic cream, PURE fresh milk from an organic dairy, reverse osmosis water, grape sugar, and organic raw cane sugar. You’ll notice there are no chemical emulsifiers or chemical stabilizers on that list. As a result, our gelato maintains a very high degree of purity.

The names, colours, and texture will take you back to Italy, guaranteed! Email us for flavour detailson dairy free sorbettos, vegan, gluten free, and nut free options. Then come in and enjoy them! Ciao!f

NOTE: Not all the flavours are available every day. Fruit flavours especially are seasonal. Our chief of production, Carlotta Cattani, decides weekly what flavours our three gelato outlets will offer. We do try and main a consistency with our popular selling flavours.