A First for Canada’s Italian Ice Cream Market! Purity & Taste…


I l Gelato di Carlotta is proud to introduce Canada to a gelato (Italian Ice Cream) that is rated No. 1 in Italy for its purity and taste. Made just outside Milan, some of the base we import from Italy is organic and our suppliers guarantee their pure taste on the condition that the ingredients we use do not contain preservatives, hydrogenated oils and fats, or chemicals used in emulsifiers and stabilizers. And we don’t! But then we also make our own base along similar lines and source our ingredients from several suppliers, each specializing in some products. For instance, one supplier only specializes in hazelnuts from Piemonte and pistachios from Bronte, Sicily.

Experience the real taste of:

  • Pistachios from Bronte in Sicily
  • Hazelnuts from Piemonteanimated ice cream cone multiple flavours
  • Alphonso mangoes from Bombay
  • Coconuts from Sri Lanka
  • Strawberries, peaches, pears, plums, strawberries, raspberries
    and other berries grown in Niagara-on-the-Lake
  • And much much more…

We use these ingredients along with the organic base to make the gelato in-house with an old fashioned three-machine process that sees the base being aged for 12 to 14 hours.Experience gelato without chemical emulsifiers and stabilizers or chemically refined white sugar – these three are the standard fare of most other gelaterias and ice cream parlours. We sweeten our gelato with grape sugar derived from Italian grapes. If we have to use regular sugar, we ONLY use 100 per cent, certified organic raw cane sugar imported from Brazil, that is off-white. In addition we use organic whipping cream and milk that is fresh and we are told by the supplier comes very close to being organic but has yet to be certified. Additionally, we only use the purest water – derived from reverse osmosis.


We don’t just offer an abundance of Gelato. We offer Sorbettos, Biscotti Gelato Sandwiches coated with dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, pistachios, hazelnuts, or pure coconut flakes, or the same but on a stick, what we call Stick-O! And we offer a constant stream of warm melted Gianduia running from a soda fountain to coat the inside of your cones or streak your waffles, gelato or gelato burgers.

gelato-torte-1For special occasions such as Father’s Day, consider our Torta di Gelato (Gelato Cakes) and Gelato Pastries.

DISCLAIMER: The only sorbetto we can?t promise you is the concoction made by Cleopatra in ancient Egypt to seduce Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony!

Come in for a free tasting of our Italian Ice Cream flavours ? 24 flavours during the season (mid-April to November) and 12+ from December to April.

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