About Our Gelato a.k.a. Italian Ice Cream


BUT WAIT,?there’s more…

  • No chemical stabilizers, emulsifiers, hydrogenated fats, or other oil-based products.
  • Organic whipping cream, uncertified organic milk eliminates many of the chemicals such as diglycerides.
  • Only reverse osmosis water – the purest water you can buy.
  • Grape sugar is used to sweeten our products because it retains the taste, texture, and colour of the fruit and nuts we use. If we use regular sugar, we use the off-white certified organic kind that is not bleached with chemical whiteners.
  • We source strawberries, raspberries, peaches, Italian and other plums, pears, and a host of other fruits and berries from local, Niagara region farms.
  • Our coconut gelato will transport you to Sri Lanka on your first lick because that is where our manufacturer sources their soft-flesh coconuts! Likewise, they get Alfonso mangoes from outside Bombay.
  • Our pistachios are from the legendary Bronte region of Sicily, and our hazelnuts from Piemonte, Italy.?

Come in for a free tasting of our Italian Ice Cream flavours – 24 during the season (mid-April to November) and eight to twelve from December to April.

A First for Canada’s Italian Ice Cream Market!

From Concept to Realtiy! The beginning…