SemiFreddo is here! With chocolate invented in Renaissance & mystery mousse!

The first of many recipes mastered by Carlotta in Milan!

SEMIFREDDO IS HERE! A mystery mousse lining its middle and overflowing with Gianduiotta (also Gianduiotto) — Italy’s famous chocolate invented during the Renaissance, and sitting on an Italian sponge cake. This is the first of many gelato recipes brought back by Carlotta from her recent visit to the Gelato Kitchens of Tuscany. The royal Medici family loved this semifreddo torta. You will too! So what’s keeping you? FYI, also check out Gianduiotto and Monsieur Napoleon. An interesting tale of blockades and invention.


From Ferrari Racing to Gelato Juggling! The Magic of Italy’s Telme gelato machines!


Michele Bartyan (second from right), one of the scions of the family that owns the world famous Telme gelato making equipment company in Italy, used to race in endurance racing for Ferrari — three times European Champion, 2005 winner of the Le Mans 24 hour endurance series, once world champion and molto etc! As Telme’s Export Manager, his real passion now is teaching Telme customers such as our gelato production chief Carlotta Cattani (right) the art of pure gelato taste and making everything from scratch. Such as when pistachio tastes like pistachio and is not coloured neon GREEN! From left our gelato maker Megan Maki, Lolita Giannelli and her husband, and our Italian partner Filippo Cattani.



Carlotta trains under a gelato master in Milan … for the summer of 2015!!!

COMING SOON TO IL GELATO DI CARLOTTA new gelato recipes, new flavours, new presentations! We hear from Carlotta herself that some of

Carlotta Cattani learns the latest in gelato in the Milan kitchen of world champion Filippo Novelli.

what she is learning to master will make you rethink what gelato is all about. But she won’t reveal anything. Yet! Here she is in the magic gelato kitchen of world gelato champion Filippo Novelli in Milan learning from the master himself. Patienza! The summer of 2015 is not too far away!

Il Gelato di Carlotta voted No. 1 ‘ice cream’ parlour in Niagara on the Lake

Sweet Success! From the readers of Niagara this Week!

Sweet Success! From the readers of Niagara this Week!

What a pleasant surprise! We have been voted the No. 1 frozen desert place — both ice cream and yogurt — in Niagara on the Lake by the readers of Niagara this Week, a popular local publication of the Toronto Star. So, what’s keep you???

And here is our Thank You! Grazie! ad for those who voted us the BEST!

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