Valentine Sweetness = Gelato Cakes!

Come in and share a gelato pastry for two with cappucino
or take it home! Click any image to enlarge it.

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Gelato Sliders… Resistance is futile!

Gelato Sliders aka Gelato Paninis are the rage in Italy. Well guess what? You can now have them at Il Gelato di Carlotta at 59 Queen Street in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada, the home of the Shaw Festival.

While we use the Italian Christmas cake, Pannetone, once the cake season is done, we will revert to either a Brioche bun or a Calabrese bun. We cut it in half, smear it with your favourite gelato, close it and then put it in our Italian gizmo which looks like it is out of Star Trek. It seals and warms the bun without melting the gelato. Cut it through the middle and you have two halves of a gelato hamburger. Try one today! Remember the Star Trek line: Resistance is futile!

And don’t forget. We also serve hot waffles in four different styles, with globs of our pure gelato and laced with gianduia, our warm melted hazelnut chocolate.